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  • UTP7524GE-POE-MX


    24 ports Gigabit L2 managed modular Ethernet switch, Provide 24+4 Gigabit Ethernet or optical fiber ports, Which support 10/100/1000Mbps;1-24 ports support hot pluggable Ethernet or optical fiber modules and Mixed with Ethernet andoptical modules, which is very convenient for network application that need both of them ;Support web- based layer 2 network management and PoE management by simple operation;Support high-speed data forwarding, very suitable for large flow of video data forwarding insecurity surveillance;Support recovery of IP address & user password by one key recovery button;provides two power supply redundancy backup to improve the system reliability;Quick Installation, simple operation, convenient for wall/desk/rack installation.-10℃-50℃

    * všetky uvádzané ceny sú bez DPH

  • UTP7524GE-POE-MX
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